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23 - Feb
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Where:Ah Haa School for the Arts

Free & Open to the public at Ah Haa School for the Arts Music/book/art critic and philosopher extraordinaire Paul Evans returns to Ah Haa for a FREE three-night lecture series - From the 20s to the 20s: Tracing the Beginnings of Major Cultural Forms from the 1920s Until Today. Join us for a pre-dinner beverage and some fascinating cultural considerations for one, two or all three nights. Wednesday (2/20): We'll Always Have Paris - Learn about how the arts have shaped society since the 1920s with a consideration of surrealism, avant-garde, jazz, and their significant figures: Picasso, Hemingway/Fitzgerald, Josephine Baker, Stravinsky, Diaghliev (the whole crew) and their continuing influence today. Thursday (2/21): Politics (Is this a Dirty Word?) - From the Suffragists to the Me Too movement, learn what has changed (and what hasn't). Friday (2/22): Awake! From the Yogi to Yogalates - In 1920, Paramahansa Yogananda moves to the USA, and Eastern philosophy and spirituality becomes the hot new thing. The world view changes the life of the Beatles' George Harrison, Gurdjieff rediscovers the Enneagram (we'll explain what that means), Yeats wins the Nobel Prize, and finally, the Western World emerges from the shadows of the Enlightenment and the smoke of the Industrial Revolution, and validates non-rational, affective, personal experience. From yoga studios to A Course In Miracles, learn where it all came from.

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