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Where:Telluride, Colorado, United States, Telluride, Colorado, United States
Yonder Mountain String Bands first new album in two years,LOVE. AINT LOVEis undeniably the Colorado-based progressive bluegrass outfits most surprising, creative, and yes,energeticstudio excursion to date. Songs like Chasing My Tail and Alison are rooted in tradition but as current as tomorrow, animated by electrifying performance, vivid production, and the modernist power that has made Yonder one of the most popular live bands of their generation. Melding sophisticated songcraft, irrepressible spirit, and remarkable instrumental ability,LOVE. AINT LOVEis a testament to Yonder Mountain String Bands organic, dynamic, and intensely personal brand of contemporary bluegrass-fueled Americana.2017 will see Yonder continue its seemingly endless touring, leading towards next years 20thanniversary of their initial coming together, an irrefutably momentous occasion.When we were first starting, our creativity was rooted in rebelliousness. Now, theres a greater conscious awareness and attention to detail that were bringing to our writing and recording. Our nature and instincts remain progressive. Were just doing it in a way thats sharper, more musical, and way more satisfying, says Ben Kaufmann.With its melodic flair, expert technique, and forward-thinking fervor,LOVE. AINT LOVEis a strikingly assured and well-crafted manifestation of Yonders matchless musical vision. Nearly two decades in, Yonder Mountain String Band is still utterly unto themselves, a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime combo whose inventiveness, versatility, and sheer imagination shows no sign of winding down.Weve talked about this, Aijalasays, and we all feel like we could play in Yonder until we cant play anymore. As long we still have new ideas, as long as were still creating something thats fresh to us, I dont see any reason to stop.
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